NGS-SA: News about our genomics, epidemiology and surveillance work on COVID-19

Fast-spreading COVID variant can elude immune responses

Nature - 2021-01-21

Evidence that a variant of the coronavirus identified in South Africa might compromise immunity sparks concerns about vaccine effectiveness.

Alarming COVID variants show vital role of genomic surveillance

Nature - 2021-01-17

Efforts to track SARS-CoV-2 sequences have helped identify worrying variants - but researchers are blind to emerging mutations in some regions.

Genome Detective Coronavirus variant typing tool

KRISP News - 2021-01-17

Phylogenetic identification of variants 501Y.V1, 501Y.V2, 501Y.V3 (B.1.1.7, B.1.351, P.1 / Nextstrain 20I, 20H, 20J). Tool also determines nucleotide (NT), amino acids (AA) and codon (CDS) mutations. The mutations list are provided in html and excel formats.

Answers to 9 crucial questions about the coronavirus variants spreading around the world

Business Insider - 2021-01-15

Experts worldwide are urgently studying three coronavirus variants to understand what risks they pose. One variant first identified in the UK, one in South Africa, and one in Japan are probably more contagious than the original strain. They have caused cases to surge and the three nations to lock...

Will vaccines work against the new COVID variants? Scientists race to find out

Bhekisisa - 2021-01-15

One year later and the new coronavirus is still posing new questions for researchers. The recent emergence of new COVID-19 variants across the world has left scientists searching for answers once again as they try to understand what these changes mean for the pandemic - and vaccine roll-outs. As...