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As the coronavirus mutates, the world stumbles to respond - Brief on NY Times live blog

The New York Times - 2021-01-09

The coronavirus has evolved as it has made its way across the world, as any virus is expected to do. But experts have been startled by the pace at which significant new variants have emerged.

South African Covid variant may affect vaccine efficacy, warn scientists

Financial Times - 2021-01-06

Mutation reduces ability of antibodies to bind to virus and could make some shots less effective.

South African variant unlikely to fully negate COVID vaccines, scientist says

Reuters - 2021-01-06

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A variant of the coronavirus first detected in South Africa is unlikely to completely negate the immunising effects of vaccines, a researcher studying it told Reuters.

Boris Johnson Tightens U.K. Lockdown, Citing Fast-Spreading Version of Virus

The New York Times - 2021-01-04

The variant is up to 70 percent more transmissible than earlier versions, officials said. People in southeast England, including London, were told to stay at home.

Fast-spreading virus variants raise alarms

Science - 2021-01-01

Scientists are scrambling to better understand effects of a series of worrisome mutations from in the U.K. and South Africa variants.