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Voices of Biotech Research

Authors: Annabi N, Baker M, Boettiger A, Chakraborty D, Chen Y, Corbett K, Correia B, Dahlman J, de Oliveira T, Ertuerk A, Yanik M, Henaff E, Huch M, Iliev I, Jacobs T, Junca H, Keung A, Kolodkin-Gal I, Krishnaswamy S, Lancaster M, Macosko E, Martínez-Núñez M, Miura K, Molloy J, Cruz A, Platt R, Posey A, Shao H, Simunovic M, Slavov N, Takebe T, Vandenberghe L, Varshney R, Wang J

Journal: Nature Biotechnology, 2021. DOI:


On the celebration of 25th years of the Human Genome. Nature Biotechnology asks a selection of faculty about the most exciting frontier in their field and the most needed technologies for advancing knowledge and applications.

What will be the most important areas of research in biotech over the coming years? Which technologies will be most important to advance knowledge and applications in these areas? Nature Biotechnology reached out to a set of faculty doing outstanding work in research areas representative of the journal’s remit and asked them to contribute their vision of where their fields are going.