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Rapid epidemic expansion of chikungunya virus-ECSA lineage in Paraguay

Authors: Giovanetti M, Vazquez C, Lima M, Castro E, Rojas A, de la Fuente AG, Aquino C, Cantero C, Fleitas F, Torales J, Barrios J, Ortega MJ, Gamarra ML, Villalba S, Alfonzo T, Xavier J, Adelino T, Fritsch H, Iani FCM, Pereira GC, de Oliveira C, Schuab G, Rodrigues ES, Kashima S, Leite J, Gresh L, Franco L, Tegally H, Van Voorhis WC, Lessels R, de Filippis AMB, Ojeda A, Sequera G, Montoya R, Holmes EC, de Oliveira T, Rico JM, Lourenšo J, Fonseca V, Junior Alcantara LC

Journal: medRXiV, 2023. DOI:


The spread of vector-borne viruses, such as CHIKV, is a significant public health concern in the Americas, with over 120,000 cases and 51 deaths in 2023, of which 46 occurred in Paraguay. Using a suite of genomic, phylodynamic, and epidemiological techniques, we characterized the ongoing large CHIKV epidemic in Paraguay.